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Word of mouth
Chris Dale
Help Others To Spread The Word

Despite all the changes occurring in the marketing world, one thing still remains constant – word-of-mouth is still the best tool in marketing.   Nothing is more powerful that one person recommending your service to someone else.   That personal …

The Power of 'You'
Chris Dale
The Power of ‘You’

The word ‘you’ is very powerful in marketing.   But sadly, those three letters don’t get used often  enough when small businesses are writing marketing copy.   The most common word used is ‘we’. I’m sure you’ve seen it before.    …

AVC outsource their marketing to MarketingHQ
Chris Dale
AVC outsource their marketing to MarketingHQ

Leading Australian ICT solutions provider, AVC has appointed MarketingHQ as their outsourced marketing service provider. Visit AVC at  

Graphic Design
Peter Booth
3 Reasons You Must Invest In Good Graphic Design

  How often have you received a piece of marketing collateral and thought ‘backyard operation’?   Small business owners know their trade. Be they a physiotherapist, mechanic or veterinarian, the service they provide to their customers is likely first-rate. But …

Convert Leads To Customers
Chris Dale
10 Strategies To Convert More Leads Into Customers

Are you a born salesman? No, neither am I.   When I hear that term, images of a smooth talker who hoodwinks customers into handing over their cash come to mind. It’s an outdated concept, but a stereotype that still …

The Power of 'You'
Chris Dale
5 Marketing Strategies To Drive More Customer Traffic To Your Retail Business

  Customer traffic is the lifeblood of any retail business.   Many live or die by the numbers that come through their front doors, and with increasing competition online, it’s no wonder so many retailers find it hard to keep …

Writing for Marketing
3 Ways Good Writing Helps Your Marketing

This is a guest post by Sydney based editor and copywriter, Andy Quan   Good writing is a hidden part of marketing. You don’t notice it when it’s there, but you will notice it when it’s absent.   Knowing how …

Great Job
Chris Dale
5 Ways To Capture More Testimonials For Your Business

Testimonials are a key marketing tool for any business. Used effectively, they can increase your credibility and help improve sales conversion in your marketing campaigns. But many businesses shy away from gathering testimonials from happy clients; many are just too …

MarketingHQ appointed by Zaffero
Chris Dale
MarketingHQ appointed by Zaffero

MarketingHQ have been appointed by Sydney lighting retailer  Zaffero as their marketing agency. Visit Zaffero at