3 Tips To Create More Effective Small Business Advertising

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As a small business, I know you don’t have the budget to use an ad agency to create your print ads and direct mail pieces.

It’s more likely that you put the ads together yourself and hope that you will get a response.  The facts are, the principles of creating effective advertising are the same if you are a big business or small.  The only difference is the budget you have to put a campaign together.

So to help out, here are three tips to creating more effective small business advertising.

1. Grab The Attention

Any advertising must grab the attention first. You need to make your ad stand out from the crowd so you can get your marketing message across. There are many tools you can use to do this including; images, colour, humour, music and texture among many others. Your ad must be noticed first and stand out from the clutter so that you can get your message across in step 2.

2. Focus On A Single Benefit

The most common mistake small businesses make is trying to communicate too many messages. Focus on a single benefit that addresses the most important need of your target market.  You have a very small amount of time to get your message across so don’t bombard your audience with too much information.  Give them the most important message straight up and they are more likely to remember you.

3. Give Customers A Reason To Call

There are too many wishy-washy calls to action in the small business marketing world.  Just saying “Call 1300 351 141 number for more information” just isn’t going to cut it. Use wording like “Call 1300 351 141 for a free property appraisal” or  “Call 1300 351 141 to book your next appointment” give more motivation for customers to pick up the phone.

So there you go, it’s not rocket science but hopefully these three tips will help you create ads that sell. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

About the author

Chris Dale Chris Dale is the founder and Managing Director of MarketingHQ. He is a Certified Practising Marketer with over 15 years senior marketing experience. He helps small and medium sized businesses create great marketing strategies and systems that grow their businesses. You can connect with him on or on LinkedIn.

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