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Chris Dale
How to bring staff on your re-branding journey

Re-branding is a challenge for any business.   It involves the creation of a new brand for a business that already has an established brand in the market. A re-brand can be required for many reasons – due to a …

Brand Promise
Chris Dale
How to keep your brand promise

What promise do you make to your customers? It’s a simple question, and one that is very important when creating a compelling brand for your small business.   To be effective, your brand must make a promise. When it does, …

Chris Dale
3 reasons you must invest in good graphic design

  How often have you received a piece of marketing collateral and thought ‘backyard operation’?   Small business owners know their trade. Be they a physiotherapist, mechanic or veterinarian, the service they provide to their customers is likely first-rate. But …

Chris Dale
3 Branding Lessons from A Savvy Small Business Owner

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a bit fanatical about branding. I believe that good, consistent branding is critical to business success.  Unfortunately, in my travels as a marketing consultant it’s often hard to get this message through.  I often …

Chris Dale
My 10 Commandments of Small Business Branding

We all know that a strong brand is a key factor in business success. Good branding is even more important in small business marketing. Small (or non-existant) marketing budgets mean a brand must work harder to grab a position in …