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Chris Dale
How To Unleash The Power Of Gratitude To Grow Your Business

Sometimes all you need to do is say thanks. It’s not a difficult thing to do.  We teach our kids good manners every day and we use them ourselves, but it’s amazing how many business owners don’t apply the simple …

Chris Dale
5 Things This Plumber Can Teach You About Marketing

It’s not often I come across a tradesman who knows this much about marketing. Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adrian Fadini, the founder of Sydney-based plumbing business, ‘Plumber to the Rescue’, (how good is that …

Chris Dale
10 Proven Techniques To Build Your Credibility

In business, your credibility is everything. With good credibility comes new clients and repeat business. If you combine it with visibility, profitability follows. But how does one gain credibility? Here are 10 proven techniques you can use to build your …

Chris Dale
7 Ways To Tell Your Marketing Is Stuck In The 80’s

I liked the ‘80s. Not for the fluorescent socks or for those sexy leg warmers the girls used to get around in. I loved the Karate Kid.  I wanted to be him.  Well, not Ralph Macchio, ‘cause he was kinda skinny and …

Chris Dale
7 ways to turn regular customers into raving fans

Does your business have raving fans?   I don’t mean regular customers.  I mean fans that recommend you to anyone and everyone they know.   You don’t?  Well that is a shame because raving fans also do your marketing for …

Chris Dale
Three Simple Steps To Help You Land Your First Client

Starting a new business is hard. It takes confidence, courage and a thick skin to get you through the first few months and years.  If you’re smart, you have your marketing plan in place, a strong brand that differentiates you …

Chris Dale
52 Marketing Tips To Help Turn Your Great Idea Into A Business

  So you’ve got a great idea, but it’s not a business yet.  Here are 52 marketing tips to help you turn your idea into a real business.   Getting Started – Branding and naming   1.  Learn how to …

Chris Dale
10 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Marketing

  Want to improve your marketing?   Here are 10 things you can do in your business today that can make a big impact on your marketing.   1. Track your leads.   Do you know how customers find you? …

Chris Dale
What Is A Customer Worth To You?

What is a customer worth to you? A fairly simple question isn’t it?  And it’s one of the most important statistics any small business owner should know. But it’s amazing how many businesses don’t know the answer. Knowing what a …

Chris Dale
7 Marketing Lessons From The Real Estate Industry

This post is one of admiration. For years I’ve admired the real estate industry and their marketing systems. I think other businesses can learn from it and in this post I’ve listed what I think are the 7 most important …

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