10 Marketing Tips in 60 Seconds

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Want some marketing tips? Here are 10 you can read in 60 seconds.

1. Seed Your Market

Find key opinion leaders in your market, and make sure they sample your product. They will be a great source of word of mouth advertising.

2. Be consistent

Ensure all of your marketing messages and branding are consistent. Consistent marketing and branding builds trust.

3. Ask customers how they found you.

Ask new clients how they found you. It will help tell you where new business is coming from. The answers may surprise you.

4. Provide a bold guarantee

Guarantees move the risk of purchase from the buyer to the seller. A very effective selling tool.

5. Place testimonials next to your call to action

Place testimonials next to your checkout if you sell on-line. It helps customers to feel good when they are making a purchase.

6. Ask your customers for feedback

Who better to ask for feedback than your customers?. They can give you some great marketing insights to improve your marketing.

7. Make your product easy to demonstrate

Ever wondered why the top row of letters on your keyboard say QWERTYUIOP? It was so typewriter sales people could type the word “Typewriter” easily when demonstrating the product. They sold lots of typewriters……How easy is your product to demonstrate?

8. Form business alliances

What sort of businesses are more likely to refer you business?. Think about forming alliances to generate more referrals.

9. Contact lapsed customers

Lapsed customers are a great source of new business. Make sure you stay in touch to keep your business top of mind.

10. Be a child friendly business

Do you make it easy for parents to buy from you? If you are targeting parents in a retail store, make it easy for them to navigate your store with a pram. You could even offer some toys for kids to play with whilst the parents browse.

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