Get Your Marketing Strategy Right, Before You Think About Tactics

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Everyday I talk to businesses owners needing help with their marketing.


It’s great that they recognise they need help. With nearly all that I speak to, some commons themes arise.  Most will say, “I printed some marketing flyers and they didn’t work” or “I advertised in the local paper and didn’t receive a call”.


I also have business owners wanting help to produce marketing materials.  They want help to put a flyer together or a sales brochure.  When we look closer and ask some probing questions, it becomes clear that the business doesn’t have a clear marketing strategy. Any flyer or brochure put together based on their current messages will be a waste of time AND money.


The flyers, brochures and advertising are what we call marketing tactics.  They are the tools marketers used to execute a marketing strategy.  The reality is, if the strategy isn’t right, then no tactic will deliver a result.


We often find that the tactic  choice was correct, but the poor implementation meant that the business owner didn’t get the results they expected.  Again, it comes down to getting the strategy right.


So here are three tips for business owners to help refine your marketing strategies.


1. Know your target market intimately


It’s not just good enough to know your target market.  You need to know them intimately.  You must know who they are, where they are and what problems they have that you can solve.  Find the key driver that will motivate them to buy and focus your marketing messages on that.  Your results will improve dramatically.


2. Use copy that talks to the customer needs.


Most marketing copy written by non-marketers has the same problem.  Commonly, it overdoses on the word “we”. Bland and banal wording such as “We provide quality service and client satisfaction” is everywhere. Newsflash, the customer doesn’t care about what you do, they want to know how you will solve their problems.  Focus on that in any marketing you create.


3. Refine your brand positioning


Brand positioning is the most challenging part of your marketing strategy.  It defines why you are different from your competition and identifies the compelling benefits that make your business memorable. If you get your positioning right, you will have the focus to produce marketing materials that will deliver results.


So before you head out and design some flyers, or put your ad in the local paper.  Make sure you get your marketing strategy right.  And if you need help doing it, please give us a call on 1300 351 141.

About the author

Chris Dale Chris Dale is the founder and Managing Director of MarketingHQ. He is a Certified Practising Marketer with over 15 years senior marketing experience. He helps small and medium sized businesses create great marketing strategies and systems that grow their businesses. You can connect with him on or on LinkedIn.

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