3 Ways Good Writing Helps Your Marketing

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This is a guest post by Sydney based editor and copywriter, Andy Quan


Good writing is a hidden part of marketing. You don’t notice it when it’s there, but you will notice it when it’s absent.


Knowing how to write well and how to structure a document are particular skills that not everyone has. You may know your business but not be able to write about it. Advertising copywriters are sometimes great at key ideas and messages but not the final touches. Marketers may understand their client and target audience but may need support for writing documents or letters.


Even I, as a professional editor and writer, welcome another person to read over my work, give comments and catch the occasional mistakes.


When writing is perfect and says exactly what you want it to say, it can help your business immensely:


1.    Competitive advantage


Whether it’s a bid or tender, a letter to your customers, your website or any other written materials, if your message is clearer and more persuasive than your competitors, it’s to your advantage.


2.    Professional and quality


Nothing quite says “sloppy” like a spelling mistake on the landing page of your website. I’m sure you’ve received an email where your business name is spelled incorrectly, or there’s a major grammatical error, and you’re caught looking at the mistake instead of absorbing whatever the sender is trying to tell you. Whether the text is short or long, a mistake or bad formatting implies carelessness. Good writing implies professionalism and quality. It can make the difference between “deal” and “no deal”.


3.    The right message


Good writing is not only about the right punctuation and spelling; it’s also about whether your message is getting across clearly, whether it speaks in a voice that’s appropriate for your audience, and whether you’ve got the right order and structure for the product or idea you want to sell.


Hiring a professional editor, writer or proofreader could be key to the success of your marketing. Find the right person for your communication and it will be cost-effective and efficient and they’ll make your message shine. 

About the author

Andy Quan Andy Quan is a Sydney-based editor and copywriter. His work ranges from editing reports for governments and professional associations on behalf of major professional services firms – to writing copy for websites and brochures for small and medium-size businesses. You can connect with him on LinkedIn. or visit his website.

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