10 Proven Techniques To Build Your Credibility

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In business, your credibility is everything.

With good credibility comes new clients and repeat business. If you combine it with visibility, profitability follows.

But how does one gain credibility? Here are 10 proven techniques you can use to build your credibility.

1. Champion industry market research. This technique is one of the most effective ways of establishing credibility in any market. Have you heard of the Forbes Rich List? It is the benchmark for wealth measurement worldwide and its yearly research is conducted and reported by Forbes magazine.  Forbes is actually a business magazine whose positioning is ‘for world business leaders’.   A great marketing strategy, don’t you think?  It’s a strategy the Business Review Weekly has copied here in Australia with the BRW Rich List and BRW Fast 100.

2.    Get published .  This can range from publishing a book, to guest posts on blogs and writing articles for magazines.  When someone publishes your words, it indicates a big thumbs up.

3.    Align with respected brands. There are many ways businesses can align with respected brands.  It can be achieved by joint promotions, service bundling or by establishing formal business alliances.  When you align with credible brands, some of their credibility naturally transfers to your brand.

4.    Guarantee your service.  When you offer a guarantee, it says to customers that you back the quality of your product or service 100%.  It also has the added benefit of reducing risk for the customer.

5.    Appoint a celebrity spokesperson for your brand. There is a good reason you see celebrity endorsement in advertising: it gives the product or service immediate credibility.  It can also work against you if you use the wrong celebrity so you need to make sure you choose wisely…

6.    Be interviewed by the media. Being quoted or interviewed in media articles positions you as an expert.  Consumers naturally assume that you have credibility if you are asked by the press for a comment.

7.    Speak publicly. I heard a public speaking trainer once say there is a line between an audience and a speaker on stage,  it is called the ‘line of expert’. When you speak in front of an audience, people assume you are an expert.  Of course, you need to give value when you speak, and when you do it is a powerful tool to increase your credibility.

8.    Promote your qualifications, accreditations and certifications.  In many industries qualifications are very important, but many people feel it is self-promoting to share their qualifications. If you have them, include them on your business card and on the profile of your website.

9.    Share your expertise through information products. Information products help to display your expertise and are cheap to produce.  Some examples are e-books, audio recordings, podcasts, videos and webinars. These products allow people to gain a better understanding of your expertise, without having to meet you in person.

10. Deliver on your brand promise every time. It is obvious isn’t it but it must be said. If you’re a hairdresser and you give someone a bad haircut, they won’t come back.   If you are a restaurant that produces bad food, customers won’t come back.   Deliver every time and you will build your credibility.

There are of course many other ways to build your credibility.  Feel free to share others with our readers by commenting below.

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