How To Get More Customer Testimonials

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Testimonials are an important small business marketing tool – they help to build credibility and trust.
They are also a referral for your business and help to create a perception about your brand. I’ve spoken to many small business owners about them recently, and a common reaction is “I’m embarrassed to ask for them” or “I’m not too sure how to get them”.  The fact is, customer testimonials can come in a variety of forms. 
Yes, you can ask for them directly, but there are other ways to get them and here are a few tips.
Look through old emails from your clients.
Often customers give you a testimonial without you asking. Look through your old email correspondence and look for any comments you can use. They could be messages of thanks or comments giving you praise for your product or customer service.  If you find any, ask the customer for permission to use the quote and name as a testimonial for your business. They are unlikely to say no, after all you are using their words!
Look for testimonials in social media
Many small business owners use social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but don’t think to use it to find testimonials. A simple way, is to look through the comments section on your Facebook fan page or in your @mentions in Twitter. You may find your @mentions on Twitter section full of testimonials.  They won’t be long sentences but comments like “great advice” or “nice post” are still a testimonial for you. You can highlight these to your followers by making these comments your favourites.
Take a video camera or smart phone
Testimonials don’t have to be written – in fact, some of the best ones are captured on video. Most mobile phones allow you to take video or invest in a flip camera. The key here is to strike while the iron is hot – if you have a customer who is happy with your work, ask them if you can quote them and capture it on video – right there and then.  You can then upload the video to You Tube or your Facebook fan page and you have an instant video testimonial.
Offer something in return
My last tip is to offer something in return when you ask for a testimonial.  Pitch it as an opportunity to promote their business or offer them a back-link from your website with any written testimonial.  If a customer sees value in providing the testimonial for your business then you increase your chances of them saying yes.
Testimonials are an important part of small business marketing. Look for any opportunity to capture positive comments and use them on your website and marketing materials. Follow these simple tips and you will have more than you need to build trust and credibility in your brand.

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