How To Maximise Marketing Value In A Radio Interview

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Yesterday I was interviewed by a radio station for a client of mine.

It got me thinking about interviews like this and how, as a small business, you need to make the most of every marketing opportunity.  They can make a big impact and they don’t come around very often.

I prepared very thoroughly for the interview, as I always do, and I thought I’d share with you some tips for making the most of a radio interview for your business.

Create A Cheat Sheet

My first step for every interview to create a cheat sheet.  It’s a one page document that contains all the information you need.  Never make it any more than one page and make sure you have it in your line of sight throughout the interview.

Think like a politician

If you’ve ever seen a politician interviewed you will notice that they repeat key messages throughout their interview.  This is no mistake.  Before any interview you must identify three key points you want to get across and take every opportunity to mention them.  Write them at the top of your cheat sheet and repeat them whenever you can.

Do your research

In an interview there isn’t an opportunity to find the answers if you do not know them.  You must be prepared.  Write down every possible question you might be asked and an answer for each.  The chances are you won’t be asked, but you can’t Google it in the middle of an interview so BE PREPARED.

Write down key sentences

Within your marketing copy you will have sentences that are great at describing your product or services.  Write down these descriptive sentences and try to memorise them before your interview.  These sentences will help you to be more descriptive about your products and services and will make your interview more memorable.  It will also give your interview some extra oomph!

Identify and repeat your keywords

When you are interviewed try to repeat as many relevant keywords as possible.  If you are being interviewed about a specific product, say the name of the product A LOT.  My interview yesterday was about Toys and Games so I made sure I said those and the word “fun” frequently.  This just helps to get your message through.

In small business, the opportunity for exposure doesn’t come around very often and you must grab it with both hands.  Hopefully these tips will help you get your message across.

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Chris Dale Chris Dale is the founder and Managing Director of MarketingHQ. He is a Certified Practising Marketer with over 15 years senior marketing experience. He helps small and medium sized businesses create great marketing strategies and systems that grow their businesses. You can connect with him on or on LinkedIn.

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